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Sample Test 3

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Sample Test 3.
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1. Popular belief in the United States is that an early
life of hardship and poverty made Abraham Lincoln to be the great
leader he was.

an early
to be
he was


2. According to the scientific method, a scientist must consider ______ outcome.

outcome and to be a possible

any outcome and the possible

any outcome a possibility

any outcome a possible


3. After her death in 1986 many documentaries ______ Georgia O'Keeffe were

related the life and work of
to relate life and work
life and working to relate

relating the life and work of


4. ______ the passage of light, many new plastics are processed using technologies
rivaling those used in the manufacture of computer chips.

To better permit

Permitting better

For the better of

It is better for


5. The architecture exhibited in the Empire State Building and conveyed
us an idea of the prevailing attitudes of the day is important for
the historical and cultural value it represents.




6. In 2001 George W. Bush, Jr., entered his first year office

as President of the United States.

In 2001


as President


7. Similar in climate and geography many northeastern cities
is Portland, the largest city in Oregon.





8. Uranium, ______ , is an exceedingly rare and potentially dangerous element.

found in trace quantities

found in trace quantities

finding in trace quantities

to be found in trace quantities


9. The Flower Market in San Francisco is ______, and was established in the

home to the country's second largest flower market

home of the second largest flower market in the country
the second flower market in the country's home of

the home to the second country's large flower market


10. Because of extensive research in the field of genetic engineers,
scientists can now create plants that farmers can grow in harsh





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Sample Test 3

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